A Thank You Note to My Father’s Nurses



Photo Credit:  Quotesgram

It was you who gave my dying father exemplary nursing care with stellar kindness and compassion. You touched our hearts and comforted our spirits during the darkest moment of our lives.

You made sure my father was comfortable.

You stayed long after the doctors left that evening.

You honored his dying wishes.

You treated him with respect.

You let him die with dignity.

When we thoughts our hearts were completely broken and we were dying as well, you treated us with compassion and grace.  

That fateful evening we sat in my father’s hospital room for hours holding my father’s hand, crying feeling shattered and hopeless.  You would check in, prop my father’s pillows and check his morphine.  Each time you walked into the room my father would smile and thank you.  With your comforting touch you eased my father’s pain and my mother’s breaking heart.

You offered my family reprieve during the worst moment in our lives.  You were there checking in on us and taking care of us. You probably don’t know this but I think about you often.  Your smile, your compassion, your bravery became our lifeline that evening.  I bet you do not receive enough Thank You’s, and probably are completely unaware of the significant difference you make in the lives of patients and their families.

You now occupy a place in my heart, a place of high honor.  You were my family’s angel of mercy that evening.

Thank you.