Thank you for Loving Me

feather-hd-wallpaper_04My dead father communicates with me through dreams, feathers and a few other things in between.

No really, he does.

I know I sound like a desperate grieving daughter, but he really does.  In order to believe me you must understand the depth of our relationship.  My father was not just my father, he was my best friend.  We had a beautiful rapport and the unique gift to discuss anything.

When it became painfully obvious that my father’s days were limited I sat by his side in the hospital, held his hand and whispered, “Will you send me a sign from heaven?”  My Dad smiled and replied, “You will always be my baby and I will always protect you.”

The next day he died surrounded by family.  My father’s death is a moment that has changed me in ways I never thought possible, it has left a massive void in my life and my heart.  Despite the depths of our pain, our family was given a gift, the ability to say goodbye to my father and hold his hand as he entered the gates of heaven.  I am forever grateful for that wonderful gift from God.

My father started sending us signs from heaven almost immediately.

The night of his passing my sister saw a shooting star.   A few days later, I packed a suitcase to stay at my Mom’s, we returned from shopping to find my suitcase open, pajamas on top of the bag.  My mother and I were the only people in the house, and neither of us opened the suitcase.

I have found enough fluffy white feathers to build my own set of angel wings and visit heaven myself.  Feathers falling from my ceiling in my home, feathers falling on my head at the gym, feathers in my car.  Feathers are always falling at just the right time directly in my path.

Since my father’s passing my dreams are vivid and life like. In my dreams my father is healthy again with a radiant glow to his body.  We are usually on a tremendous deck facing a beautiful wooded area.  In my most recent dream we were talking and I was hugging him knowing if I let go I would wake up and he would be gone.  My Dad smiled, hugged me tighter and whispered in my ear, “You will always be my baby, I will always love you.”

In my most recent dream I heard Bon Jovi’s “Thank you for loving me” playing in the background. My father asked me to play it for my mother.  You can imagine that conversation with my mom.

Me:  Mom, can you Google Bon Jovi’s “Thank you for loving me”and listen to it?

Mom:  Why honey?  

Me:  Oh….Dad wants you to listen to it.  He told me so in my dream last night.  Well…I think it was a dream, but I KNOW Dad wants you to listen to it.

My mother was my father’s caregiver for seven years.  She was and still is the definition of bravery and courage.  My father made sure everyone who entered our home knew she was the reason he was alive.  I would observe in awe as my mother cared for my father, she displayed the grace and love of Mother Theresa.  However, when you speak to my mother she will look at you with tears in her eyes and ask you if she did enough, she will cry that her love could not save my father.  Her caregiver guilt is a heartbreaking, cruel punishment after her selfless acts of caregiving for my father.

So yes, my dead father communicates with me through dreams, feathers and music.  He is proving to me time and time again that love never dies and knows no boundaries.

Thank you Dad for loving us, for being our eyes when we couldn’t see.

Wanna hear the song that’s been stuck in my head all day?  Click here to view the video on YouTube








7 thoughts on “Thank you for Loving Me

  1. Thanks for sharing! Been experiencing the same things(me and my sister) we keep it quiet because people think we have lost our minds. Just glad we aren’t the only ones to experience this.


  2. We also receive signs from my 33 yr old daughter who passed 9mos ago. My big thing is pennies. (On the 13th which is the day she passed in Sept,), I was sitting watching tv, and I heard her say mom and then a couple of hours later, I had an itch on my breast and there was a penny in my bra. My baby girl was quit a joker. I didn’t get a chance to say bye, and I wish everyday for the chance to say “I love you and good bye”. Even though I’m sure it wouldn’t help this unbelievable pain I now live with. 💔


    • Hi Geri, I am so sorry for your loss. The signs are comforting and their way of hugging us. Sending you lots of love and prayers. Thank you for reading xo


  3. Wow! It feels like your writing my story. My Dad passed from Pancreatic cancer in December and my mom, daughter, son I have had some very vivid dreams of him visiting us. The first one was like you said…. very vivid in a bright happy room. Like a sun room. He was around 30yrs old in this dream though he was 68 when he passed. He looked very healthy. I begged him to come back but he explained that he couldn’t because he would have to suffer all over again. He was with a woman who looked like a nurse or someone who was guiding him….she looked very kind and knowledgeable and he trusted her. I don’t know who she was. When I gave him a hug it felt more real than reality if that makes any sense. I’m 100 percent sure that he was visiting.

    We also have had odd thing happen. Having something we are looking for suddenly appear, or being guided to things that need attention. I’m not a religious person, but have no doubt that there is an afterlife. I miss my Dad terribly….like you, we were very very close.

    As you may know, pancreatic cancer takes loved ones from you very fast. It was 68 days from diagnosis for my Dad. His diagnosis was the day after his 68th birthday.

    I very much understand what you are going through. It is horrible. After watching my dad in pain, I am now having to watch my poor mom suffer in grief as well. She was with my Dad for 45 years since she was 19 years old. I always feel bad when I take days of grief for myself, like I am not there for mom enough.

    This is torture! 😦

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    • Hi….yes the light is always bright in my dreams too. Like you, I want to hold on as tight as possible. I truly believe it is them guiding us, too many things have happened for it to be anything else. I find feathers all over the place. Today I was leaving my doctors and a huge feather came out of the sky. I’m so sorry for your loss, cancer robs us of the most wonderful people in our lives. And the aftermath is heartbreaking. I hate watching my mom suffer as well 😦
      Thank you for posting, it’s nice to know we are not alone. Sending you prayers and love xo

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