Growing Older Isn’t a Crisis, It’s a Blessing

  We need to stop complaining to the world that we are getting old.  You know who I’m talking about.  The people who post a stunning filtered selfie and caption it  “OMG I’m getting SOOO old!”  Meanwhile you know it took them about 500 snaps to get that perfect selfie.  Stop. This. Now.   Or the 20 something year old with the status that says, “I’m soooooooooo old” in her best Cher from Clueless voice.  If you’re too young to remember “Clueless” I urge you to google it, I promise you will giggle. Or your best friend constantly complaining how she’s getting older and we are the exact same age.  So you just silent eyeroll to them.  Look, we are all guilty as charged, myself included.

But we need to STOP.  I decided to compose a list of why we all need to stop this now.

  1. Getting older is a gift –  I’ve lost too many people this year who weren’t even old enough to collect social security.  Complaining about aging is disrespectful to all the other human beings who will not make it to their next birthday.
  2. You’re probably insulting quite a few people around youWhen you constantly complain about growing older you’re basically saying anyone older than you is a fossil.  And that’s not nice.
  3. You sound attention starved – let’s be honest, when we post a perfectly filtered photo of ourselves claiming we are old we kinda look like we are fishing for a compliment.  Live and learn, I’ve done this myself.
  4. Loosen up, no one is watching you anyway –Everyone is too busy worried about themselves. Start dancing like no one is watching and enjoy that dance.

Think of yourself as a fine wine improving with age.

My father was diagnosed with Stage IV base of the tongue cancer at the young age of 60. He fought for 7 years to live and enjoy the gift of growing older with his family. We started 2016 with a good friend taken too soon at the very young age of 38. Countless individuals are handed angel wings too soon. 

Take a moment to remember all your loved ones gone too soon. 

Cherish your life, embrace the gift of growing older. Many never will receive that gift.


4 thoughts on “Growing Older Isn’t a Crisis, It’s a Blessing

  1. That is soo true! People need to stop with this nonsense and enjoy every second because it might be there last! And they should love growing up because it comes with new challenges and opportunities. Well said.


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