What’s in your bag?

Ray Ban sunglasses, a pack of tic tacs, apple earbuds, my wallet, make up bag loaded with MAC cosmetics, some crumpled Dunkin Donut receipts, and a Dunkin Donuts gift card.  My black leather Coach bag is my constant companion and yet nothing in my bag is required for survival….and somehow the contents define who I am.  I’m shamelessly addicted to coffee and MAC cosmetics.


What’s in YOUR bag?

If you’re a Mom I bet you have all sorts of cute little gadgets to keep your little one occupied.  A supply of Cheerios and perhaps some goldfish crackers? Maybe some hand sanitizer to protect your little one from germs and tissues to wipe away their tears?  My one friend’s purse has an endless supply of matchbox cars for her little guy.  My sister’s purse has a colony of Elsa’s occupying space.

Anyone have a kindle in their bag?

What about medications?  How much medication do you have in your bag?

My Dad carried an insulated bag every single time he left the house.  Inside my Dad’s bag were:

  • 2 syringes for his feeding tube
  • Gauze pads
  • Paper towels
  • 1 small bottle of Gatorade for hydration
  • 1 red solo cup
  • 1 plastic spoon to mix his crushed pills
  • 1 bottle of Poland Spring water to flush his feeding tube
  • Whatever medication he needed for that particular day

Everything in my Dad’s bag was required for survival.  Since his peg tube was his only method of nutrition it was imperative that his bag was packed with the necessities.  If he was out of the house for an extended period of time he ran the risk of dehydration, missed meals and missed medication doses.  It was a recipe for disaster.

My Dad’s bag wasn’t a fancy designer bag, it wasn’t trendy.  There were no tic tacs, gum or mints in his bag.  No treats or protein bars in case he needed a quick bite.  My Dad’s bag told the story of the battle he endured and the life he lived, yet he never complained.

I would love to share a photo of my Dad’s bag, but it was one of the first things we disposed of upon his passing.  We happily disposed of his bag.  For my family, the contents of my father’s bag was a manifestation of the life he lived and the battle he endured.  It was not how we wanted to remember my father.

The contents in many of our bags become a black hole of items we really do not need, but carry with us “just in case.”    Our bags tend to become a modern day Mary Poppins bag.  I bet if you empty your bag and identify the contents it will somehow define who you are.

Go ahead, open your bag and take a peek.  After you carefully take inventory of the contents of your bag scroll up and review the contents of my Dad’s bag and then my bag.  If you’re fortunate enough to have a list of material items like me be thankful.

Cherish your life, be thankful for your health.  We never know when the contents of our bag will change.





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