I Am Your Legacy 

 I am your oldest daughter. You taught me everything I have ever needed to know in life. I learned how to dance standing on top of your feet, throw a baseball, drive.  I didn’t eat chocolate sprinkles for a decade because you convinced me that they were chocolate covered ants.  I know your still laughing!  But most of all I learned how to live life to the fullest while remaining humble and kind.

They say when a loved one dies they never leave; they are always walking beside us.  Often I can feel you next to me. I look for your face in others when my heart feels like it’s breaking.  Now that you’re gone I have found enough fluffy white feathers to build my own angel wings, fly to heaven and see this new place you call home. Can I sit with you just once more and hug you? Can I finally bring you that glass of water I denied you the day before you left? Can I finally bring you that eggplant parmigiana sandwich I was supposed to make for you? Can I finally bring you that glass of water I denied you?

I now have the opportunity to share our family story. We never picked the battle you fought, but if we can help just one family we won. If I can we reach just one patient, just one caregiver, just one daughter agonizing over watching her real life super hero suffer and let them know they are not alone we won.

I am your living breathing legacy and as long as I have breath in me I will tell your story.

I am forever grateful for life and opportunities. I am proud to be your daughter.  

Until we meet again my sweet father, you are forever in my heart.



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