My Ode To Cancer


Grief is the price we pay for love. Where there is great love there is great grief.

No one wanted to live more than my Dad.  He fought like a true warrior.  He wanted to sit on the floor and play with his grandbabies, go on vacations with my mom, and watch us experience all our wonderful milestones in life.   Like so many others, he was ripped off.  Cancer stole precious moments from us, cancer slowly ripped my father apart and forced us to watch a gruesome battle.  Cancer stole my mother’s soul mate, robbed her and my father of their golden years, cancer stole my hero, my father, my biggest fan in life.  Cancer robbed my nieces of the greatest papa ever.  But cancer isn’t all bad.  Cancer also made sure I told my father how much I loved him every single day.  Cancer made sure I left notes behind in my parents home after a visit, cancer made sure I sent flowers and texted my father with a simple, “I love you Daddy.” Not a day went by that I did not call him, not a week passed that I did not visit.  Sometimes I would call so much he would laugh and say “what do you want now, you just called!”  Cancer made sure I thanked my mother for being my father’s caregiver, and keeping him alive.  Cancer made me realize my mother was not just my mother but an angel on earth breathing life into my father each day.  Cancer forced me to take hundreds of “hospital selfies” with my Dad to make sure we could document his brave battle.  Cancer forced me to keep a journal of his 7 year journey, and now write this blog.  Cancer taught me to take nothing for granted and never, ever go to bed angry.  Cancer has opened my eyes to how precious life is.  Cancer reinforced our relationship with God.  So Cancer, you may have won the battle but we won the war because our love is infinite.



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